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With digitalisation, knowledge management has also become an approach that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can use. The basic idea behind knowledge management is to make business decisions, to manage based on up-to-date and reliable information. Data analytics is used to generate knowledge from both internal and external public open data within the organisation. This means, for example, improving productivity, creating new value chains or exploiting business opportunities.

Why lead with knowledge?

With digitalisation, data collection has become more efficient and the amount of data has grown exponentially compared to the past. The fundamental principle of data-driven management, i.e. making business decisions based on timely and reliable data, is key when it comes to exploiting the opportunities offered by digitalisation through data analytics.

Data-driven management moves from seeking data to acting on data.

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​What does a company gain from knowledge management?

  • Using visualisation tools to combine the data generated in different areas of the business into an information-rich whole.
  • A more comprehensive and insightful view of the business, which helps to make more informed strategic choices and decisions.
  • Improved production efficiency and resource savings through better targeting of the big picture.
  • A richer customer experience as data is used to develop services and create new service concepts.
  • Increased knowledge and tracking of metrics helps to engage staff across the organisation and improve the collective performance of the business. Information shared sufficiently openly within an organisation builds trust and is a good basis for internal development.

Why not use data as effectively as any other raw material we own?

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Knowledge Management Pathfinder




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