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Digitalization, along with green transition, is a key entity in the Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland. According to the report on growth opportunities in the Satakunta region, one of the most significant benefits of digitalization is the increase in productivity: it is the essential motor for economic growth. Labor productivity has at times even decreased in Satakunta, and for that, new solutions are needed. Especially as the population prognosis suggests that labour force will continue to decrease in the region.

The societal impact of the Business Intelligence Center BIC is significant. The vision is to make the Satakunta region a pioneer in business intelligence: the importance of utilizing information, data and thinking in the creation of new services as well as in the management of organizations' operations is growing strongly as a natural part of the digitalization development. With the accelerating pace of digitalization, companies and communities need new skills to manage their knowledge, and the Satakunta region is no exception.

What is business intelligence?

In business intelligence, the data or information is collected from different sources and processed into a form that can be used in management in many ways, using, for example, data analytics, artificial intelligence or robotic process automation. Essential to business intelligence is the use of knowledge as a significant aid in management.

There are many definitions of business intelligence. One is: decision-making based on up-to-date and high-quality information. It can also be decision-making based on the right information, where the right information is obtained by analyzing the data (automatically). Or: Generating new or better business with information held by the company. There are many more definitions and in some cases they even contradict each other.

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